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With your personalised AZEOO application, be coached, accompanied and supported during your training sessions. Reach your physical goals and become the best version of yourself.

Training- Nutrition- Community
Your training application


A coaching application approved by 550,000 athletes!

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Your personal trainer, wherever you train!

Take advantage of complete and adequate programs, whether for your mass gain, your weight loss or to efficiently sculpt your body.

Whether you play rugby, run, cycle or relax, whatever your sport, these programmes are designed to help you achieve your physical goals!

With over 550 exercises available, you’ll have no excuse to work out. Your transformation starts now.


Personalized content for your profile

As soon as you register on the personalised coaching application, enter your body data, your goal and your level of fitness. Your coaching application will then analyse this information in order to offer you personalised training programmes adapted to your needs.


Adopt an eating routine that suits you

With our nutrition modules, find a healthy and balanced daily diet, adapted to your objectives. Calculate your calories consumed meal by meal according to our recommendations. Benefit from the synergy between sport and nutrition and admire your results!

A food routine that suits you​
Be rewarded for your training!

Be rewarded!

With the personalised coaching application, take part in challenges and enjoy workouts designed for you while challenging your friends! Go beyond your limits and your perseverance will be rewarded with numerous badges.


Keep track of your progress

Make optimal progress by analysing your performance after exercise and be proud of your improvements! You will also be able to track your body data and your macronutrient intake for a more complete support.

A coaching application approved by 550,000 athletes!

Découvrez les témoignages de nos athlètes. À chacun sa fonctionnalité préférée !

Stéphane, Gérant du Club De Fitness GonaGym
Stéphane, Gérant du Club De Fitness GonaGym​
Stéphane, Gérant du Club De Fitness GonaGym​

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