Your nutritionist in your pocket

Combine your sports training with an adapted diet, and reach your goals even faster!

Your nutritionist in your pocket
Your Nutritional Journal

Your Nutritional Journal

Using your nutritional journal, you can configure your data according to your objectives in order to follow your progress efficiently. 

Database, food sheets and barcode scanner

Gain access to a large food database with the nutritional and energy values associated with each food, and create your own personalized programs. 

You want to add a specific item? No problem, you just have to scan the barcode of the item and its properties are added.

Database, food sheets and barcode scanner

Access more than 600 healthy recipes

Access a library of more than 600 recipes*, according to your objectives (season, kcal, fast, etc…). Each recipe card contains preparation tips as well as the shopping list and ingredients.

(* coming soon)

Your personalized nutritional program with Your Diet

Your Diet is your personalized dietary program with AZEOO’s professional dietitians.

Take advantage of a 45-minute assessment with your dietitian to build a food plan adapted to your needs and your objectives. 


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